Reflecting On The “Nightmare” That Is COVID-19

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Ripple Effect On Everything

But anxiety is in the way.

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Experience Life:

Writing After a Few Drinks…

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“Kill My Father… Metaphorically”

Thinking and Writing On The “Outside Of The Box”

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Better and Better Each Day

The Stuff About Meditation People Don’t Typically Talk About:

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Three Things I Have Learned About Myself, While Working With The Addiction Population

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1. My Theoretical Preferences:

My Perspective Shift After Testing Negative

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High Risk Population

Thoughts During My COVID-19 Tests

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree, But The “Soil” Can Make All The Difference:

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Family Dynamics:

Much More Than You Realize

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Hard-wired for Survival

Ryan Fleming

Mental Health and Wellness. Golf is Life ⛳🤙 MA. Counseling Psychology. Writer for "Live Your Life On Purpose," "The Happy Human" and “Illumination”

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